21 April 2009

More Rocks (warning this may be TMI for some)

Anyone who knows me is aware that I have an extensive rock collection. Well I have added another. This one is different and the finding of it was the most uncomfortable I have been when finding a rock. Kent (and others - Thank you Dr. Buss) have said that I have rocks in my head that has helped me to be a geologist. Well now I have a rock in my kidney. What an experience it was to find that out, but I will not put that out on the internet since no one wants those kind of details about my life.
This is an update about to those who were aware that my doctor was trying to find why I still had trace amounts of blood in my urine yet the UTI was gone. We she found it. After looking at WebMD I have decided that this rock can stay were it is.
I just found it funny that someone who has collected rocks their entire lives (just ask my mom about all of them that I brought to her) would now be making their own.
I know that for most of you this is TMI and I do apologize I am just finding this very funny.


  1. You crack me up!!!! Let me know about treatment.

  2. oh kim, good grief! I think it's time you catch a break... but the rock analogy was super funny!