16 December 2009

Back from all the fun.

Well now we are back from our travels. It was wonderful to spend Thanksgiving with family. I loved seeing my nieces, nephews, and grand-nephews. I was so glad to see that my sisters and there families were doing well. Sometimes it is so hard to be far away and not see the kids grow up. My younger sister is well and her 2 children are beautiful. They are fun to be around and happy kids. My youngest sister and her family are happy and busy with a great new house. My little "coal" is fun to talk to and growing so fast. My brother is always fun and a funny character. I was glad to see that my parents are well and had a great time with all the family around. We also were there to celebrate there 40th wedding anniversary. I am so bless to have a great family.

We also spent some time with Charles. He is doing well with his schoolwork. We loved being able to be with him. He is a great blessing in our lives and we wish we could spend more time with him.

We also spent time with Kent's brothers family. It was good to see them and know that they are doing well. We saw 2 of their kids and the 3 grandsons. All are well and it was so delightful to hang out and have some fun. The boys are growing so fast and just love to see Kent. I think he is the favorite uncle.

After 10 days in Colorado we went to the "Happiest Place on Earth" More posting about that later.