02 January 2011

The last month

I have promised a few people that I would fill you in with what has been going on.  During November and December I had about 1/2 dozen doctor appointments, 2 1/2 days of tests, multiple blood tests, and 1 MRI.  OK that sounds so much worse then it is.  I will start with the end.  After all this it was found that the medical professionals have no idea why I pass out for no reason.

Now if you want all the details read on.

It all started in June when I was standing in the kitchen talking to Kent and I took a drink of a soda and with in 2-3 seconds I passed out and landed on the tile floor.  Fortunately I only received minor injuries but did not have a reason why.  I blew this off as just an abnormality.  (I had done this before but over 20 years ago - that would be a good story for another post).  Fast forward to mid October and this same situation happens again.  After this Kent says your going to the doctor (my dad also passes out for no real reason).  I go to my Primary Care Doctor and she says let's run some blood work and check your iron, blood cell counts, etc...  She also wants to do an MRI and an EKG.  So we do all this and find that the blood work is normal and the heart rate is fine.  The MRI comes back stating my brain is "grossly unremarkable" (I was insulted by this LOL).  At this point then I have to stop my exercising and training for the Grand Canyon and go see a Cardiologist.

The Cardiologist wants to do his own tests.  This includes ultrasounds of my heart - one a rest and one after a stress test, ultra sounds of my choroid arteries, a 24 hour heart monitor and a tilt table test.  The weirdest was tilt table test.

For the tilt table test first they tell you not to eat or drink for 6 hours before.  So I get there and I am dehydrated and hungry and they want to put in an IV.  I have never had an IV so I cannot give them an option of where is a good place to put it.  After about 6 or more tries by the nurse and the Dr.  I am done.  I have nearly passed out from this process.  So now we have reschedule this (of course this is in east Mesa).  I go back and there is a different nurse there and she is able to get the IV started with only 2 tries (in my hand).  They then hook up a heart monitor and blood pressure cuff.  You are strapped to a table and stood up at 90degrees.  Every 60 seconds you blood pressure is read and they are waiting to see if you pass out.  If in 15 minutes you have not then they give you a Nitroglycerin tablet.  I had to have this and that is some weird stuff.  Then they watch for another 15 minutes to see if you pass out.  I nearly did but not quite.  Then all these readings are given to the Dr.  After it was done I made Kent take me to Krispy Kreme.  It took me about 2-4 more hours to really feel normal again.

As I said in the beginning after all these tests the Dr. could not figure out what the cause was so I just have to call him if it happens again.  How about that for a fun way to spend about 4-6 weeks.