29 April 2009


Just an FYI tomorrow from 5-9pm Baskin Robbins is have 31cent scoop night. Fun and cheap family treat.

27 April 2009

Earth Day

Here is the final Earth Day tip:

This one shows how far one can take the. There are those who will find this funny some will find it gross so just be warned. There are little boys everywhere that would do this also. By the way even I have not become this much of a "tree hugger". There is a new green movement to save water, and add nutrients to your soil. No this is not composting but it is recommended as an aditive for compost piles. It is to pee outside. Yes that is what I said - urinate on your compost pile or around your plants in your garden. The website with more info is peeoutside.org. (it is amazing what is on the internet) This adds nitrogen and phosporus to your soil and these are depleted in most soils. It will serve as a natural fertilizer. Anyone who is my neighbor rest assured I am not doing this, yet?!?!? I just found this when I was looking for new things to add to the green things I already do and found this to be funny. (yes I have a childish sence of humor).

Hopefully someone found one new green thing they can do to help the environment, save energy, and save money. I am sure that with this last tip you are glad that there are no more ....for now.

Happy Earth Day

26 April 2009

Earth Day

Earth day tip 6
Sorry I missed posting this on Friday. One of the best things you can do in your home to keep air cleaner is to have house plants. Today's houses are so air tight that during the winter (or summer if you are in Arizona) there is very little air circulation. This means that a home can have a build up of CO (Carbon Monoxide). This is produced when we breath out as a byproduct of animal respiration. Plants then convert this back to O2 (Oxygen) that we can breath. I know that for some (myself included) it can be difficult to keep a plant alive. I have made a commitment to giving it another try so I am starting small with one Jade plant (Jill got it for me and it has been alive for 2 months now). If it makes it through the summer I will be adding more house plants.

Last tip coming later today.

23 April 2009

Earth Day

Here is Day 5 tip for Earth Day:

Plug your electronics into a power strip and turn them off when you are not using them. When your TV and other electronics are in standby they are drawing about 10% of the power they normally use. Not only will this help the environment it will help your electric bill.
I am still working on this at my house because we do not like resetting all the clocks all the time but my work computer is always shut off and the power strip off when I am not using it. If the battery on my cell phone or computer need to be charged before I go out in the field I make sure that I charge them during off peak hours so that I am using cheaper electricity.

22 April 2009

Earth Day

Here is day 4 tip

Since today is actually Earth Day I thought I would encourage everyone to sign up for the Clean Air commitment for Maricopa County at the Clean Air Make More website. If you give them your email address and/or phone number you can recieve alerts about high pollution advisories. This will give you the chance to know how to best protect yourself and your families from days that may affect your breathing. If you do not live in Maricopa County I would encourage you to look for a similar service from your local environmental agency.

21 April 2009

Earth Day

Here is tip 3 for Earth Day:

When you are out and buy a drink, food or other treat that comes in a recyclable container, (i.e.: plastic - whatever kind you community recycles; #1 and #2 in Phoenix, aluminum foil, or a paper bag) save the recyclable items and dispose of them in you recycle container when you get home. This can be very convenient since most of us park in our garage and keep the recycle container there.

More Rocks (warning this may be TMI for some)

Anyone who knows me is aware that I have an extensive rock collection. Well I have added another. This one is different and the finding of it was the most uncomfortable I have been when finding a rock. Kent (and others - Thank you Dr. Buss) have said that I have rocks in my head that has helped me to be a geologist. Well now I have a rock in my kidney. What an experience it was to find that out, but I will not put that out on the internet since no one wants those kind of details about my life.
This is an update about to those who were aware that my doctor was trying to find why I still had trace amounts of blood in my urine yet the UTI was gone. We she found it. After looking at WebMD I have decided that this rock can stay were it is.
I just found it funny that someone who has collected rocks their entire lives (just ask my mom about all of them that I brought to her) would now be making their own.
I know that for most of you this is TMI and I do apologize I am just finding this very funny.

20 April 2009

Earth Day

Here is day two of Earth Day tips:

Idling for just 30 seconds burns more fuel than turning off the car and restarting it. Turn the ignition off at long stoplights and other lengthy hold-ups. And rather than using the drive-through, just park and go in. When I do use the drive up I will turn off my car if the wait is long (especially when using the prescription pick up at Walgreens)

I know this is hard in the summer which is why going inside is the best option. Besides that I read that you can burn 8 pound a year by parking and walking in instead of using the drive thru.

The World Today

With today being the 10 year anniversary of the tragedy at Columbine High School it made me think of what has happened since then. I was listening and reading some of the reports about this day and found out that in the last 10 years there have been 500 students and facilty have been killed in attacks. This made me think of the scary conditions of this world. Please take a moment and pause to remember those lost in the last 10 years and hug our children.

19 April 2009

Earth Day

Earth Day is this week (22nd). I am challenging each of you to do one new thing to help the environment. Here is the suggestion of the day.

Be sure that you dispose of any electronics properly. Check with your local waste disposal service and see when they are picking up hazardous waste in your area.

Wild Animal Park

For those who have been following our little wild animal park.
We were able to trap the last permanent resident and she was spayed last week. She is doing fine but sure keeps her distance from us. The only other cats around that have not been sterilized are 2 male cats that come around occasionally. I don't expect to see them much now that there are no available females around.
We were able to work with a non-profit organization to get them taken care of humanly yet stopping them from further reproducing. If any of you have problems with stray cats in your area try contacting Altered Tales. (Or there may be another option with a Google search).

10 April 2009

What I heard on the radio today

As many of you know my job keeps me in the car a lot. Today I was driving around doing some surveillance of potential sources of dust. I put over 70 miles on my car while driving in a 6 x 5 mile square for 6 hours. Needless to say I drove in a lot of circles. During this time I listen to a lot of radio. I have found that on Friday from 12:00-2:00pm (AZ time) is a radio show called Science Friday. I am not always able to time my inspections and work around the show but today I was able to.
I listened to an interesting group of guests, but 2 of them made me smile. One was an astronaut, Don Pettit, who had just spent 6 months on the space station. During his off time he did "random science experiments" as he talked about them I knew that I had to go find the videos so I have linked my 2 favorites here: http://www.sciencefriday.com/video/
The first one, "Candy Corn in Space", is a candy corn explanation of soap and if you enjoy that one then try down further on the page to the "Time Lapse in Space" video and watch the aurora from space.
The second guest that I enjoyed was an oceanographer, Curtis Ebbesmeyer, who has been studying flotsam, as a hobby. Flotsam is defined as: the part of the wreckage of a ship and its cargo found floating on the water. Since there is a lot of cargo lost to the sea every year he has taken to tracking where it goes (with the help of beach comers everywhere). He has just published a book,
"Flotsametrics and the Floating World: How One Man's Obsession with Runaway Sneakers and Rubber Ducks Revolutionized Ocean Science". I am looking forward to reading it. For those of you who like to read unusual things this may be for you. I have reserved it at the library so when I get it read I will report back.
Thank you for listening to the ramblings of a nerd.

02 April 2009

General Conference

Earlier this evening I went to a missionary correlation meeting and one of the Elders shared a spiritual thought. I really liked what he had to say so I thought I would share it. He quoted Moroni 10:4-5 And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost.
And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things.
(a common missionary scripture). Since this encourages one to read the Word of God and then pray to know it is true he related this to this weekends General Conference. He encouraged the group to write down any question that you have about life, the gospel, or other things. Pray for an answer with faith you will receive it, and then watch General Conference and you will get the answer.
I think I will be trying this in hopes of receiving direction and comfort during these times. If any of you try this them please let me know your experience.