27 April 2009

Earth Day

Here is the final Earth Day tip:

This one shows how far one can take the. There are those who will find this funny some will find it gross so just be warned. There are little boys everywhere that would do this also. By the way even I have not become this much of a "tree hugger". There is a new green movement to save water, and add nutrients to your soil. No this is not composting but it is recommended as an aditive for compost piles. It is to pee outside. Yes that is what I said - urinate on your compost pile or around your plants in your garden. The website with more info is peeoutside.org. (it is amazing what is on the internet) This adds nitrogen and phosporus to your soil and these are depleted in most soils. It will serve as a natural fertilizer. Anyone who is my neighbor rest assured I am not doing this, yet?!?!? I just found this when I was looking for new things to add to the green things I already do and found this to be funny. (yes I have a childish sence of humor).

Hopefully someone found one new green thing they can do to help the environment, save energy, and save money. I am sure that with this last tip you are glad that there are no more ....for now.

Happy Earth Day

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  1. Kim, you are a trip. I am sending that website to Tarzan.