20 April 2009

Earth Day

Here is day two of Earth Day tips:

Idling for just 30 seconds burns more fuel than turning off the car and restarting it. Turn the ignition off at long stoplights and other lengthy hold-ups. And rather than using the drive-through, just park and go in. When I do use the drive up I will turn off my car if the wait is long (especially when using the prescription pick up at Walgreens)

I know this is hard in the summer which is why going inside is the best option. Besides that I read that you can burn 8 pound a year by parking and walking in instead of using the drive thru.

1 comment:

  1. Okay Kim, I will go in instead of using the drive through (although I hate that--Tarzan always goes in), but as for the 8 pounds, that only works if you don't counteract it with a carton of Ben and Jerry's Cherries Garcia several times during the year, so I won't count on that one.