14 May 2010


I am finding that I really enjoy the garden we are growing.  The first tomatoes have ripened.  They have so much flavor compared to the ones in the grocery store.  I am now planning what will go in for the fall garden.  I am thinking about some squash and maybe some spinach.  There is something very rewarding about growing your own food.

Every evening when I come home from work I am able to go and just relax by checking the plants and watering them.  It is very relaxing and brings me such a feeling of joy.

I am very thankful for the instruction from the Prophets to be self reliant.  When following this admonition there is such a wonderful joy.

Maybe I will even get good enough at this to have a bumper crop.

1 comment:

  1. we have great space for a garden, but it is so intimidating to me! you're inspiring me... a little at a time!