07 August 2011

40th Birthday

I finally have a few minutes to add my thoughts about turning 40.  First the party.

Starting at 5pm on the 15th of July Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets started.  Then all the rest of the Harry Potter movies until Saturday evening.  Then a short break and we went to the theater to see the final movie in the series.  This was a ton of fun.  I would love to do another movie marathon again (maybe not 8 movies next time, 2 or 3 should be good). 

The best part of the party was all the company.  Mary and Terry from Colorado flew in to enjoy the fun.  So wonderful to spend time with one of my dearest friends.  Mary is one of those people that will be friends for life and treasured dearly.  Her husband Terry is a wonderful addition to that friendship that started in Junior High for us.  Then as a surprise my sister, Linda, showed up.  She had told Kent she was coming but not me.  Sandi was wonderful to hang with us also.  The last few years as we have served, laughed and prayed together we have grown into trusted and dear friends.  By Saturday afternoon Kristi and her husband Dan joined us.  More the merrier.  For the last few years Kristi and I have worked together and this has grown into a friendship that will continue even if one (or both) of us move to other opportunities.

Kent was so supportive of having a house full of people for the weekend.  I am so blessed to have a fabulous husband.

As far as turning 40.  So what.  I not even half done with my life!


  1. I am so glad you had a great time! If you do another marathon let me know. I want to come.

  2. You're younger than Don! He will be 41 in October, and he's still young!

    Happy late birthday! Miss seeing you!