16 September 2009

Utah Trip

It is great to be back but I sure needed a vacation. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed.
We had a great time. Here are the start of some of the pics and memories.
Labor Day we went to the mountains around Fillmore, UT and rode 4Wheelers. This was a blast. The scenery was beautiful. The trees were starting to change colors and I remembered why I miss Colorado every fall.

The sky was an amazing blue and the Aspen trees were blowing in the breeze. There is nothing like the sound of Quaking Aspens.

We could not have had better weather. The Lord answered our prayers for good weather.


  1. What no pictures of you two? I'm glad that you had a good time in Utah, we had fun visiting Aunt Naomi. ~Linda

  2. Welcome back, the desert is a shock after the mountains. Tarzan and I felt it the last time we came home.

  3. More pics are coming I just have so many to sort through. There are some scary ones of me and other family members... stay tuned.